Welcome to Small Fry Lake! Our 4 acre fishing lake is will provide you with hours of fishing entertainment! You may want to have a picnic in the shaded picnic area or enjoy a stroll through Hidden Fairy Trail, around the back side of the lake. While we don’t guarantee that you will have any luck, the lake keeps itself stocked so, you should have some exciting fish-catching action! Remember that the lake is catch-and-release only so, you’ll have to visit the local grocery to fry up a “catch of the day.” You don’t need a fishing license while fishing on our private lake. The lake is open for fishing from 8am — dark each day!

Here are Small Fry’s safety rules:

  • No swimming or boating are provided.
  • No fishing after dark is permitted.
  • Please do not use minnows for bait.
  • Only one pole per person.
  • Children MUST be accompanied by an adult at all times.
  • Please don’t climb on the fence, use the gate to enter the lake area.

Good luck and have fun!